Baloncesto Superior Nacional de Puerto Rico

26 Apr


The National Superior Basketball (BSN) is the highest existing basketball league in Puerto Rico, and recognized as one of the most professional in Latin America. The league was established in 1930 has produced world-renowned players and the NBA level U.S..
The BSN has had teams in many cities in Puerto Rico, but for economic reasons, these devices are mainly based in major cities.
Each year, the play between thirty to thirty-three regular season games. It consists of 12 teams, placed in two divisions. The top two from each group go automatically to the semifinal series, known as the “Super 6 “. To complete these six, perform two sectional series between the third and fourth teams in each section, cross series to a maximum of 3 games, the first to win two.
In the “Super 6”, the teams are placed in a global table. Each team plays a series of three games against the other five teams, for a total of 15 games. For each victory, you get two points, 1 point for each loss. And to win each series gets an extra point. After the 15 games the two teams with most points go to the finals in Puerto Rico who played seven games, where the first to win four National Champion is proclaimed.                         The BSN had problems, however, the league is extremely popular in Puerto Rico, thanks to players like Carlos Arroyo, Jose Juan Barea and José Ortiz, who played in the NBA and in Puerto Rico, the league has become known worldwide .
The 2008 tournament began on February 28 and ended on May 28, 2008. Resulting as champions Arecibo Captains against the Carolina Giant in the seventh game of the final.
The 2009 tournament began on 18 April and ended in mid July 2009. Resulting champion Bayamón Cowboys against Quebradilla Pirates in six games.
The last tournament began on March 4, 2010 and ended on July 3, 2010 – Resulting champion Arecibo Captains front to the then champions Bayamon Cowboys in seventh and dramatic encounter
The BSN has given more to the NBA propectos including: forward Carlos Arroyo and Jose Juan Barrea Phil Jackson in 1968, current leader of Los Angeles Lakers addressed the athletes from San German.

You can learn more about this league by serching the official web page: There you will find the estadistics and more information about the players, teams, and games.

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